a bold leap of faith

Directors James and Mark met 17 years ago when James was Sales Manager at Channel 10 in Brisbane and Mark was the Marketing Manager at Amart All Sports. Initially thrown into the same room for work, they ended up becoming good friends.

When James left Channel 10 to fulfill a lifelong dream to own his own media agency, Mark was having similar dreams about opening a creative studio.

Both of these ideas would soon come to life when James called on an old friend and client – Mel Hicks from fashion and lifestyle retailer City Beach. James was in the middle of giving Mel one of his trademark pitches about why his new business could benefit City Beach when Mel asked him if his company could produce a Christmas catalogue.

Both Mel and Jimmy had a lot in common when it came to catalogues – both had never produced one and neither had any idea where to start!

But that didn’t stop James who quickly proclaimed “Yep, no problem!” without blinking an eye. Within seconds he was on the phone to Mark saying – “Can you do a catalogue?!”

Having produced hundreds for Amart, the answer to his question was a no-brainer. Within a month, Media Merchants was born on the back of James’ media experience and reputation, and Mark’s knowledge of retail and catalogues.

Now, 13 years on they’ve built something more than a successful company – they’ve crated their own business culture, a unique place of their own populated by other great people (sometimes referred to as “staff”). They still work with City Beach too, along with a number of clients whose relationships have flourished over many consecutive years of campaigns.

It just goes to show that when the right people connect, starting a business feels less like jumping out of a plane without a parachute and more like common sense.
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