James “Jimmy/Fitzy” Fitzgerald

managing director

Jimmy lives and breathes Advertising. His first gig in media was a DJ at Radio 2NZ Inverell in 1984, soon after Marconi invented the wireless. Originally, being a Melbourne lad, he loves his AFL footy and his beloved Saints. He is growing olive trees at home, with the hope of one day making chilli olives to go with a nice glass or two of shiraz. To say he’s a creature of habit is an understatement, but we wouldn’t have our Boss any other way.

James also serves on the Board of the Hands Across the Water charity.

Michael Gee

client services director

Michael is part of the MM furniture. His extensive experience in retail advertising makes him well-equipped to offer clients a full service advertising solution, covering all areas of Strategy, Creative, Media and Digital. Backed by this wealth of knowledge — and coupled with the determination to deliver — he always aims to bring the very best results for our clients.

Tony Carrier or “TC”

operations manager

Tony has been working in the advertising and marketing industry for over 20 years. He has an extensive background in retail marketing and print production. In his role as Operations Manager TC plans, directs and coordinates the day-to-day operations of the business. He’s responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability of all departments and organisational operations.

On weekends he enjoys a beer or six and a round of golf.


Media Director

Justine has been a dedicated Merchant since 2003, and as Media Director she remains immensely proud of her agency family, our awesome clients, and media friends.

Hard working, she is also the mother of two dragons, Lachlan and Maggie, making her a master multi-tasker and problem solver. Loving a good challenge as much as a glass of bubbles on the weekend, it’s all about the happy balance of work and life.

Karen “KB/Kazza” Bruce

studio manager

Brisbane’s Studio Manager, Kazza, is a self-confessed outdoor and food junkie. She loves escaping to the golf course, enjoying a couple of wines on the 19th hole, and venturing up or down the coast to ride a wave or two.

When she’s not scooting around in the golf cart, she’s delegating and briefing her Creative crew on the day-to-day activities, plus making sure all deadlines are upheld, so we can keep delivering world-class service.

Andrew Catchlove

Group Account Director

Andrew is an Account Director in Melbourne with 10 years’ experience in the Melbourne media industry. With a proven ability to match client business objectives with effective media strategy, his experiences across media buying, digital and production make him a valuable resource for our client partners.

As a serious sports enthusiast, you’ll probably find ‘Catch’ in his spare time watching either the AFL or NFL, playing a round of golf, or looking after his race horse. The only thing that might distract him from his sporting pursuits would be a good steak and glass of wine.

Prudence “Pru” Greenwood

Accounts Receivable/Payable

Pru is a favourite in the Brisbane MM office, not only because she handles all of the MM finances, but because her caring and problem-solving nature has earned her the affectionate title of “Mamma Pru”. She’s also been known to moonlight as a dancing extraordinaire at MM’s infamous Christmas parties.

When she’s not busy taking care of everyone else, Pru enjoys French phrases, Sunday drives with her beloved Richard, spending time with her children, and enjoying a glass of chardonnay.

Emilie “Whistler” Laugier

Art Director

Emilie is a designer who’s been with the Sydney team since Day 1. She’s the quiet achiever, but her designs and layouts speak loudly. Her friendly nature makes her cherished by all, however be careful if you see her holding a Nerf gun, as she’s ruthless and will shoot you.

Gary “Heardy” Heard

account director

Brisbane’s Account Director, Gary, joined MM in 2006, after 17 years in TV Land. He’s an old-fashioned type who prefers connecting over the phone, however he agrees emails and texts have their place.
Gary likes Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain, and negotiating white hot deals with media outlets.


Angela “Ange/Kleino” Petersen

group account director

As Media Merchants’s Group Account Director, Angela epitomises World Class Service when it comes to helping our clients. A Merchant since 2007, she is also of vital support to Justine in managing the Media department.

Ange is often accompanied to work most Fridays by her little fur baby, Billie – a Cavoodle who loves to crunch numbers in between cuddles!

A Real Housewives of Anything fan, Ange is currently renovating with her husband, Deon, and they are excited for the day they can have a wine and cheese platter on their new deck!

Emma Davis

account manager

A merchant since 2008, Emma is part of our buzzing Media department. She’s an Instagram stalker, 90’s R’n’B tragic, fashion junkie, cooking try-hard, multi-tasking mamma, and Media Account Manager.

Shaun “Shauny” Henderson

finished artist

Shaun is always endeavouring to improve his skills in the many aspects of design; from brainstorming new ideas, sketching them out and developing the final artwork. He’s always ready to solve any problem and face any challenge.

Anna “Spanny/Munzo” Munoz-Diaz

finished artist

This quiet individual is found in the suburban garden habitat. ‘The Anna’ is most comfortable blending into the fruit trees. Some say she has been sighted riding a bike or enjoying a brew in a coffee shop during her spare time.

Sarah “ST” Taylor

TV Producer

ST has been a member of the Merchant family since 2011 and hasn’t looked back. Just like a Pokemon, her hero quest has seen her evolve from a Graphic Designer to a Copywriter, a TV Coordinator, and finally a TV Producer. Now that she has achieved her ultimate form, she goes by the name “Teeveemon”.

A self-confessed nerd from birth, she enjoys anything that helps make the myriad of creative ideas in her head come to life. When she’s not burning off carbs at the gym or binge-watching the latest TV show with her main squeeze, you’ll most commonly find her running around pop culture conventions in various costumes, crafting with anything and everything, creating food art, and trying to justify why she needs to buy “just one more thing” from Black Milk.

Jessica “Rowdy” Day

Account Director

Jess joined the Media Merchants team fresh out of university and now manages key accounts in the Media Department. However, her expertise is definitely not limited to Media! She is very well equipped with knowledge about timber floors and stone bench tops thanks to her upcoming home renovation.

When she’s not drowning in paint swatches and tile samples, she releases her day’s stresses with a ‘yonce dance class or an Espresso Martini with her girlfriends.

Krystal “Cristal” Antony

Account Manager

Krystal joined Media Merchants after studying Public Relations at QUT. And while she loves the daily grind of the Media department, her favourite things include indulging in an episode of Home & Away or a large glass of Pinot Noir, exploring the outdoors and camping, or bargain hunting for homewares (did someone say “Kmart addict”?).

Aidan “Angus/Gus” Hirst

TVC Producer

For all things TV, online video, and radio, Aidan is your man! With the intensity of one thousand suns, he is there day-in and day-out producing amazing content for you!

Having several years of TV experience behind him, his previous accomplishments have earned him the prestigious title of Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ for 2006.

When Aidan isn’t in front of a screen at MM, he can be found in front of a screen at home. He loves to unwind with the latest video game release, his partner Alex, his two dogs, and a constant flow of beer.

Caren Absolon

Account Manager

After spending time in the Sydney Creative team, Caren made the transition to Account Manager, now working across the full spectrum of Client Services, from Creative to Digital to Media.

When she’s not at work, travelling the world, or dreaming of her next adventure, Caren loves to play horror video games and prepare herself for the potential threat of a future zombie apocalypse.

Christine Azzi

Digital Projects Manager

Obsessed with all things film and television, she’s the go to girl on celebrity gossip.

When she’s not sitting in front of a computer screen, shopping, or planning her next travel adventure, she can be found in the kitchen attempting recipes from her growing collection of cookbooks.

Jana Celler

Senior Graphic Designer

A self confessed “closet nerd”, Jana has always been into art and technology. She has a particular fascination with Japanese culture; loving all things kitsch and unique. A keen illustrator and video gamer as a kid she was inspired to choose a career in graphic design. Her passion for geeky things is balanced out with her love of outdoor sports, so when she’s not behind the computer screen you can find her running around a tennis court or navigating the snowy slopes of a mountain on skis.

Danielle Desira

Print and Digital Projects Manager

Starting from an obsession of collecting 90s pop magazines (Smash Hits anyone?) for its A1 boy band posters, to then being drawn to artsy paper textures and all things CMYK, Danielle knew anything creative and print was the way to go.

In her free time, she adds to her never ending list of brunch and restaurant spots to visit over the weekend. She is also known to have a sweet tooth, with a major addiction for Cheesecake, Nutella and Messina. And not in that particular order.

Thomas Quayle

Head of Digital

Thomas has been working in the digital media and online advertising space for over 6 years and has a strong passion for all things within the digital spectrum.

In his spare time, Thomas is an avid sports fan, rollercoaster junkie and an aspiring globetrotter. He has a strong love/hate relationship with food and has occasionally been known to overindulge in binge-watching TV shows.

Jessie Taiapa

Senior Account Manager

Jessie is an avid media enthusiast who knew from an early age that a career within the industry was going to be a perfect fit for her. Her days revolve around making sure our beloved clients are happy and she enjoys keeping a to-do list more than she’d like to admit. She loves cats, reading the Sunday newspaper with a good cup of coffee and eating avocado with everything.

Nicola Pappadopoulos

Media Coordinator

Nicola divides her time between hitting the books at university and being one of the friendly faces you’ll see in the Brisbane office.

When she’s not juggling her career life, she likes to kick back with some TV, hit the beach, or keep healthy with some exercise.

A self-confessed addict of both chocolate and tea, she loves to travel and can’t wait for her next overseas adventure.

Jimmy Biddulph

Account Coordinator

Jimmy is a member of the bustling Brisbane Media team. With a Communication Degree to his name, he’s passionate about Media and all things popular culture.

Jimmy is both an avid sports fan and film enthusiast. With that being said, he believes there can be just as much drama on the field in an English Premier League clash, as on the set of an Oscar-winning Sir Daniel Day-Lewis flick.

Daniel “Roger Fed Express” Hillege

Account Manager

A passionate football fanatic, Daniel is a member of our Account Services team in the Sydney office.

Daniel has been in Marketing and Account Management since 2008, working across Retail, Digital, Health and Education Service industries.

When he’s not working away at MM, you can catch him at the beach, with friends and family, or playing tennis, which helps him justify his Swiss watch collection.

Sumi Saini

Senior Digital Producer

Arriving from California, Sumi landed on Sydney’s sandy shores at the start of 2012 and can’t seem to get enough of the sweet Aussie life. You can often find her wandering amidst local design exhibits, catching a live gig, relaxing by the coast, or geeking out over the latest doco.

In the digital and creative space for over a decade, Sumi loves dotting i’s and crossing t’s. Though her chief ambition in life is to stop being such a klutz (yes, she recently dropped her house keys down an elevator shaft), she busies herself in the meantime ensuring the integrity of our projects and keeping all our ducks in a row.

Emily Samuel

Media Planner / Buyer

As someone who studied Marketing and Entertainment at university, Emily loves all things Media.

She can rarely go a day without chocolate and enjoys spending her free time catching up with friends and cuddling her adorable pooch – not to mention enjoying sneaky wines and cheese on the weekend!

Cindy Dang

Senior Graphic Designer

Bona fide geek and creative genius, Cindy isn’t afraid to let her artistic streak run wild in all avenues of her life. With a colourful background ranging from magazine publishing to retail design, and diverse studio work for various organisations, Cindy has experienced it all in every medium.

She is an avid lover of comics, all things sci-fi, Netflixing and video games — and in her free time can be found drawing on her Cintiq, gaming or running wild with her three dogs.

Chloe Davies

Media Planner / Buyer

With a Marketing and Advertising degree from QUT to her name, it was inevitable that Chloe ended up at Media Merchants. Another self-confessed crazy cat lady, she believes weekends should be spent floating in the ocean or devouring a cheese and wine platter with her girlfriends.

Alyssa Casamento

Junior Graphic Designer

Alyssa is a bubbly graphic designer with a passion for creating.

At her happiest when her hair behaves, she equally enjoys and fears the natural world with a love for animals and a fear of tornados. She likes toasted cream cheese with bagels, lazy Sundays and caffeinated beverages.

You’ll find Alyssa has 999 problems and one of them is gross exaggerations. She really enjoys being a graphic designer right now but has an Oscar speech prepared just in case.

Tamzen Hunter

Junior Graphic Designer

As a member of the Creative team, it’s no surprise that Tamzen is also mad about crafting. When she’s not busy designing in the Brisbane office, she loves to create all kinds of different things, but her talents are currently focused on making jewellery and small purses/bags. She dreams of one day having her own online store where she can sell her creations.

A self-confessed dork who loves anything peanut butter or cherry flavoured, Tamzen is also mad for ’80s movies and everything to do with horror. If you ask her nicely, she’ll show off her awesome Wookiee impression too.

Ashley Priest

Account Manager

Ashley has a background in Marketing and PR and is excited about recently joining our Account Services team. She just moved down from sunny Brisbane and is a self-confessed Media (and food!) addict.

When she’s not trying new recipes and discovering new cafes, you’ll often find Ashley relaxing at the beach with a stack of magazines and enjoying a good Rosé on the weekend.

Mandy Tianudom

Graphic Designer

Mandy has the required paperwork to prove her worthy of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interactive and Visual Design from QUT. Not only does she hold a piece of paper that says she’s a qualified Graphic Designer, she has over 3 years experience in the industry and takes pride in pushing the envelope.

A self-confessed Hello Kitty and Corgi lover, Mandy also enjoys photography and snaps photos during her free time — so if you pass her in the office, say “cheese”!

Katie Schmid

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer with a growing interest in photography and web development, Katie loves exploring the creative world.

When she’s not practicing design, you can find her sifting through old records, organising her iTunes library or dragging her friends on coast trips. Goal orientated, Katie’s five year plan includes indulging in her Wonderlust, having a beer with Dave Grohl, and finding the perfect shade of green.

Kate Isbey

Marketing Executive

Hailing from the land of the long white cloud, Kate recently relocated to Sydney to escape the sheep and satisfy her craving for new adventures.

After having completed a double degree in Marketing and Media from Victoria University in Wellington, Kate is looking forward to developing her career at MM and maybe learning a thing or two from her neighbouring Wallabies.

When she isn’t busy working on her tan at the beach, torturing herself at a boxing class or supporting the almighty All Blacks, you’ll find Kate in the company of her friends with a good ol’ bottle of rosé.

Kristin Platten

Graphic Designer

Kristin is a huge adrenaline junkie who loves to stay active. So every weekend, you’ll either find her wakeboarding (even in the Winter) or racing around a local track on her motocross bike, giving some of the guys a run for their money.

She also loves to hit up the gym regularly and when there’s some spare time to wind down and relax, you’ll find her gaming on her PC, which she’s also passionate about.

Heidi Dempsey

Senior Account Coordinator

Heidi is a Senior Account Coordinator at Media Merchants.  A media enthusiast, Heidi is currently finishing a Bachelor of Communications whilst working full time in the Melbourne office.  She comes with experience having worked in admin and sales support at News Ltd.
On the weekends Heidi enjoys Melbourne’s parks and gardens walking with her dog, Opi.  Heidi is also a part-time gamer, an avid reader and winds down with a glass of wine and some classic 80s tunes.

Liam Singh

Media Coordinator

Having studied Marketing and Management at university, Liam has been working in Media industry since 2014, and has a passion and real interest in all things Media, as well as consumer Psychology.

On the weekends, Liam tries to spend as much time outdoors in the sunshine as possible. He absolutely loves football (the real meaning of ‘soccer’) and is a keen supporter of the Brisbane Roar. When he’s not working or playing hard, he’s daydreaming wayyyyy too much about travelling.

Danielle Henning

Media Coordinator

Having a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, Danielle is fascinated by all things Media.

When not in the office drinking her body weight’s worth of green tea, you can find her chasing waterfalls, practicing the ukulele, or planning her next holiday. Her life motto is: “If you can’t put peanut butter on it, it’s probably not worth eating.”

Giulian Ferranti

Account Coordinator

Many people grow up wondering what they’ll be when they’re older, but not Giuls. He always knew: “Whatever Gotham needs him to be … ”

If you couldn’t already tell, Giulian is our resident fanboy. He’s the kind of guy that can recite the entire filmic canon of everything from Game of Thrones to The Dark Knight, but still has to sing his ABCs to know what letter comes next.

With a strong passion for Advertising and a hugely creative brain, he is an expert in all things Marketing and spends every waking moment discussing it – this and his love for all things Italian!

He’s full of flair, enthusiasm and probably pasta, so expect his youthful exuberance to make him shine a bright light over Gotham’s skies soon!

Bec Taylor

Account Manager

Bec is a jack of all trades in the marcomms industry. Hailing from an advertising agency background before a stint client side, she joins media merchants with a passion for media strategy. With a degree in Marketing also under her belt, her focus is top-notch account service and getting the best value for her clients.

In her spare time, you’ll find her taking photos of her puppy, watching the odd NBA game or spending her house deposit on smashed avocado.

Indiana Haussegger

Media Coordinator

Indiana graduated with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Visual Communication. Expanding her horizons she is now enthusiastic about all things media. When not working for clients at Media Merchants, she’s spending her time either singing her heart out (in the kitchen or on stage), shooting goals in netball, going to music festivals, travelling the globe or barracking for the best team of all in AFL. Thats the mighty Cats…. Geelong of course.

Leah Niu

Front End Developer

As a Front End Developer, Leah is always eager to learn and excited about the next challenge that comes her way. She enjoys problem solving and getting all the pieces of a puzzle to fit just right – and is especially happy when the end result of her work matches her vision.

In her spare time, Leah loves searching for new and underground local food – sushi anyone? Only to soon be followed by hitting the gym to work off all her indulgences… Her motto – train hard but play harder!

Joanna McKinnie


After a trip of a lifetime, Joanna has returned to Media Merchants to be the first friendly face you see in the Brisbane office. Living in Chicago the ‘Windy City’ for 3 years and visiting 44 States of America she definitely caught the travel bug. She’s always good for a beer or two and enjoys venturing out to find new restaurants with good company.

Rachel Dang

Junior Graphic Designer

Rachel studied her Bachelor of Design at RMIT University in Melbourne and has now set out to experience what the design world is like in Sydney.

She is a self confessed cinephile and especially loves Asian cinema. So you can probably catch her watching films over the weekend or reading books or swooning over other people’s dogs.

Anna Antoine

Account Coordinator

An avid traveller, Anna has been wandering the globe, visiting exotic cities before finally settling down in Sydney at the beginning of 2016.

On the weekend, you can find her discovering the latest cuisines in Sydney, sipping a glass (or two) of red wine, or having a nap by the beach.

Sam Dodson

Advertising Coordinator

After 5 years of serving with a smile at Woolworths, 24 year old Sam Dodson is ready to explore the multi-faceted advertising industry with the help of MM. The Macquarie University Bachelor of Media graduate, proud ex-woolies checkout chick and father of puppy pug Archer enjoys his creative outlets. These include, but aren’t limited to photography, writing (mainly poetry), or simply singing in the shower.

Nothing makes him happier than going on random adventures with his trusty side-kick Archer the pug and friends, or just going for a cruise in his car with anyone else who wants to tag along, the more the merrier, always.

Amy Quach

Mid-Weight Graphic Designer

Amy has been in the graphic design industry for over 5 years and always looking for ways to challenge her creativity.

In her spare time, you will always find Amy binging TV shows, gaming or patting someone else’s dogs.

Having a huge sweet tooth, she can easily be bribed with some Krispy Kreme donuts, lollies or even a simple Maccas soft serve cone too.

Jim Carlton

Senior Digital Producer

Jim has been tinkering on all things digital since he can remember and has a seriously strong passion for creating seamless, moving experiences that exist but also extend beyond the world of web.

An extremely passionate pork roll, BL Burger (Blame Canada of course), bae roll and beer consumer, Jim finds the purest of joys within blending the synthesis of available waveforms utilising a myriad of otherworldly generators and manipulators of sound and also spending time in and by the ocean.

Ziggy “Zig” Fitzgerald

doggy admin

Ziggy joined Media Merchants in 2014 as an Intern after graduating from Puppy School. She currently works in all departments and is famous for generating a lot of energy, particularly when Billie is in the office.

On weekends, Ziggy enjoys going for drives down to the beach and playing ball. Her big party trick is putting two tennis balls in her mouth at once and running around the yard.

Billie Petersen

doggy admin

Billie has been a Merchant since 2015 and initially found the world of Advertising a bit overwhelming, but has now settled into the Brisbane office nicely (thanks to all of the cuddles and snuggles from the Brisbane Merchants).

Her favourite day is Friday, because she looks forward to cheese and crackers from the Friday Drinks Trolley, and chasing Ziggy around the office.


doggy admin

Sumo has been a Merchant since 2015, but based on his perpetually confused facial expression, he does not appear to know what department he is in exactly. Or if he’s even in the right office. Or the right building. Or the right city. But his confidence takes him places.

He doesn’t work very hard, but he plays hard, and sleeps harder. He gets life. His flatulence may not be the best office team motivator, yet the determination he shows when inexplicably chewing the floor makes him an invaluable part of the company.

Alfie Taiapa

Puppy Admin

As one of the most active Puppy Admins, Alfie can often be found running around the Brisbane office and eating everything he can put in his mouth. His other hobbies include playing with his toys and sleeping while simultaneously passing wind and snoring.

When he’s not receiving a million cuddles and generally trying to get attention, he enjoys barking at his cat brother, Severus.

Buddy ‘Lil Athlete’

Puppy Admin

Buddy spends most of his day running laps around the house and yard, playing with his doggy friends, and launching himself off any high surface he can get onto – the bed, couch, table, you name it! But he ends every day snuggled in bed with his mummy.

Buddy’s favourite things include bringing whatever is inside outside, and outside inside. His mummy is constantly finding random household objects in the backyard (razors, hair ties, underwear, socks) and then he will bring sticks/rodents/whatever he can get his paws on inside on the couch.

Flynn ‘Flynzo’ Laird

Doggy Admin

Flynn is a true working dog at heart and loves being on building sites and around people. He is a ball of energy and his favourite thing is to go to the beach and play ball in the ocean whilst duck diving in waves. He has no fear & can go all day everyday !!

His focus and determination is next level and doesn’t give up. He loves cuddles, sleeping, frisbees, balls and a good stick never goes unwanted.

Louie Greenwood

Doggy Admin

Louie Greenwood the German Short Haired Pointer started Media Merchants in January 2017. His first priority in the office is checking out who might have a few treats to throw his way or bins that smell good. His attention to detail is focused on who he can get to chuck his ball or soft toy.

On weekends he loves walks, sleeping, swimming and sun baking preferably on a sun lounger.
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