Digital Marketing

Brands now have an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of increasing levels of engagement between people and their smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s where your audience is hanging out and your brand can be there right alongside them.

You need a digital game plan.

Digital has been a game changer for the way people do business. It’s caused a dramatic shift in consumer behavior, in terms of how and where people buy things and also how they research purchases and interact with brands.

Advertising used to be about publication. Now it’s about conversation.

Branded communications are no longer just about broadcasting one ‘big core message’. The focus now is on interactivity, consumer engagement and narrative advertising which sees a network of messages developed for delivery across multiple channels.

Part of this integrated, multichannel approach involves being visible on all platforms – mobile sites, website production and eCommerce, online advertising, social media platforms, apps – in a way that is relevant to your audience and how they like to be engaged on them.

We make things. We make ideas live.

When we start a project, the digital strategy is part of the first conversation. Opportunities for integrating mass media campaigns with digital and social media elements are part of every concept development we undertake.

We also help our clients with systems to manage their online presence effectively, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) and Content Management System (CMSs).

Synergise. Synthesise.

We love adapting traditional advertising thinking to new technologies, making clients’ brands and products more accessible and visible than ever before.

Interactive presentations, clickable online catalogues, SMS/MMS marketing, email marketing and mobile tags all use technology to remove barriers to your audience receiving your message. And with e-commerce your next sale is only a couple of clicks away.

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