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We’ve spent the last 14 years building an agency that has advertising reach and buying power. But we’re not just pure grunt under the hood, our team is also a data-hungry bunch. Return on investment (ROI) analysis and consumer insight reports are created and consumed as regular practice.

Success will always be the result of good strategy.

mediamerchants tackle communication strategy development from a uniquely experienced point of view. Because advertising budgets will always differ, strategists have to be higher-level thinkers. A modestly budgeted campaign can still achieve a significant reach, provided that the media team knows where to spend the money and why.

It’s the why that drives our strategic thinking.

The question of why evaluates the appropriateness of a media platform and the potential ROI. Media planning is complicated. Each platform brings with it incredible complexities, opportunities, limitations – ‘band aid solutions’ simply don’t cut it here.

We take that budget and work it hard by consistently making the right call. With mediamerchants your brand and product can thrive on TV, radio, press, magazine, outdoor, mobile, direct mail, ambient and digital, including Pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We negotiate with strength.

We get the most out of a budget, but not by thinking low-cost. mediamerchants operates in the advertising world from an enviable position. Our size, heritage and relationships give us an advantage in the media buying space. Our 13 years of consistent growth has put us in a perfect place to negotiate more for our clients.

We also carry brands and products into another platform – real life.

We’re good at throwing parties – events that showcase your brand to the world and celebrate your product’s very existence. We can also boost exposure by negotiating and implementing product sponsorship. Our media team will also pull back the campaign curtain and reveal the gritty details via data analysis, research and measurement tools.
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