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Your audience doesn’t always have their heads buried in their phones. For those times when people take a moment to look at the world around them, your brand can be ready to stimulate their senses. Life is full of canvases just waiting to have the right message printed across them. We make sure your brand is out there, working hard, 24/7.

award-winning print design

Catalogues, magazines and brochures are how we first made a name for ourselves all those years ago. Print is far from dead (if it were, we’d be the first to know). These items work because they’re tangible. People love being able to pick up and browse through something physical.

mediamerchants designs and distributes millions of catalogues each year. We use direct mail to put brands in the hands and homes of consumers all over the country. Our design team creates work that bursts off the page. With a market this tough, your brand deserves to be the best and brightest in the bunch.

paint the town in your own colours

Signage is your opportunity to play dress-ups with the world around you. But it must adapt to the environment. Our signage solutions include billboards, banners, large format posters, LED lighting, floor and window graphics, custom illuminated and acrylic displays, light boxes, exhibition displays and more.

Shop fronts, office interiors, promotional stands and outdoor events can all be decked out with your own style. We’re also huge on Point of Sale (POS) and visual marketing, and can create advertising that interacts with consumers via their smartphones.

brand your communication

When your brand is out there speaking to the world, we make sure everyone knows who is talking. Labels and stationery can keep your name in everyday circulation. And don’t forget business cards that people actually keep because they look so cool.

We think we’ve got plenty to offer, so no matter where you are (we’ve got people in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne), drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat.
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