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MM Stretch Fit Video Content Series WINS

Media merchants Stretch Fit


Over the last 12 months MM has had the privilege to have collaborated with StretchFit Studio, a dynamic fitness studio focused on assisted stretching, sports performance and recovery. With studios across Southeast Queensland, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the collaboration with StretchFit expands MM’s expertise in the fitness industry and continual growth support for brands that redefine the way people engage with fitness.

MM’s collaborative role included the content strategy and execution of over 75 instructor content videos. The videos were created with flexibility in mind, with multi-channel use within StretchFit’s wider marketing and social strategy. The project allows StretchFit members to get the StretchFit experience in the comfort of their own home, with each video individually tailored with instructor guidance and expertise.

The collaboration between MM and StretchFit for this large-scale project allowed the brand to further elevate their digital and social footprint, and help engage fitness enthusiasts to drive business growth.

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