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Bands secret weapon
Every Brand’s Secret Weapon: Content Marketing
In a competitive marketplace, businesses of all sizes should place as much emphasis on content marketing as they do direct advertising.
Brand vs marketing
Is the 60:40 Brand vs Marketing Split Still Relevant?
Finding the Perfect Balance: Is the 60:40 Brand vs Marketing Split Still Relevant? There’s a fine line that businesses tend to dance around when it comes to the…
Advertising Spend in 2023
2023 Advertising Spend & What This Means for 2024
Twitter became X. An unlikely double feature known as “Barbenheimer” hit the movie screens… and Australians’ love of soccer soared as the Matildas united a nation to finish…
Headless & Traditional CMS
What is a Headless CMS & Why You Should Invest In It
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content and e-commerce, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and enhance user experiences. One such solution that has…
Future of TV Advertising 2024
Key Takeouts from The Future of TV Advertising 2024
One day, 17 sessions, 41 speakers, and a lot of enthusiastic discussion about the dynamics shaping and impacting the future of television and screens in Australia.
IWD Claire Baines
Courage & Inclusion at The Heart of International Women’s Day
Courage and inclusion were the inspiring themes at the International Women’s Day (IWD) breakfast hosted by Hands Across The Water, which the MM team had the privilege of…
GPP Click & Collect
MM Launches Good Price Pharmacy’s Click & Collect
The project involved the collaborative effort of various MM departments, including Digital, Creative and Performance. In recent years the world of e-commerce has experienced a transformative shift to…
Explained Copywriting
Explained: Copywriting & How It Can Benefit Your Business
Get creative when it comes to your business’ advertising with words that establish a connection and communicates with your customers. At MM, we offer copywriting services to help…
Australian berries
Berry Tasty: MM Partners with Berries Australia for Australian First ‘Berry Basket’ Campaign
The new “Berry Basket” campaign is the first work by creative and production agency, Media Merchants, after the agency was successfully awarded Berries Australia creative in a competitive…
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