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Elevate your brand with engaging content.

Elevate your brand with engaging content Elevate your brand with engaging content
Elevate your brand with engaging content Elevate your brand with engaging content
Elevate your brand with engaging content

Captivating content for success

We are a fully integrated in-house creative team equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a large studio for shoots, and expertise to bring your next big project to life. From conceptualization to production, we handle everything – writing, filming, editing – all tailored to fit your budget and unique objectives. Our specialty lies in crafting creative, targeted bespoke content that resonates with your audience, while our adept use of media and performance tools ensures that your content reaches an amplified audience.

Why content?

Recognizing that 'content is king,' our Content Creation team possesses deep insights into understanding what captivates your audience. We delve into the finest details to craft remarkable content that not only stands out but also yields tangible results. From concept to reality, we have the ability to bring your ideas to life and deliver content that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

Our team possesses vast expertise in videography, photography, and editing, with an intimate knowledge of Adobe's Creative Suite. At MM, our team of experts are always ready to hit the ground running, turning your briefs and ideas into reality. As adept conceptualisers and pure creators, our singular goal is to craft the finest content for you. Our daily routine involves briefings, brainstorming, experimentation, and seamless implementation, coupled with continual learning and adaptation. With our creative pulse ever-active, we will ensure the content we create for you remains relevant and engaging.

Media Merchants Green Screen Studio Content Creation

Green screen magic

We have the advantage of utilising a specialised studio room equipped with a cutting-edge green screen and a diverse range of film and audio equipment. This versatile space allows us to produce a wide variety of content, including face-to-face interviews, unboxings, podcasts, photoshoots, product reviews, and much more. Our access to this green room enhances our team's creative capabilities, ensuring we are always prepared to fulfil your unique needs with original and engaging content.


Shoots and production

At MM, our TV & Content department often find themselves behind a camera, getting the perfect shots for our clients. From lighting products to look their most desirable to working with a diverse range of talent, we collaborate within our teams to bring the ultimate end product to life. Content shoots are where we shine as a business!
Our services are all-encompassing from pre-production to post-production where we guide our clients through everything from scripting and storyboarding to editing and distribution. Clients are heavily involved throughout this process, so the end result is everything they hoped and more. Our content aims to captivate and leave a long lasting impact on our audiences.

Content Display

Content Writing

Build your brand, inspire, and create interest across your business’ touch points with a range of content deliverables. Our content writers can package up any type of content your business requires. Writing scripts for video content on your website, crafting copy for bite-sized social media reels, producing technical product guides that can be downloaded upon subscription – whatever you want to share and however you want to share it requires the thoughtful backing of short and long-form content, underpinned by well written copy.


Content Work

Media merchants Designer Appliances Liz Tilley
Designer Appliances x Liz Tilley
MM collaborated with Designer Appliance’s to conceptualise and execute their new branding campaign to showcase their premium home appliances, featuring Liz Tilley.
Niccolo Range
Amart Signature Collection – Discover the New Niccolo Range
Amart Signature Collection – Discover the New Niccolo Range CreativeOverview Amart has grown to become one of Australia’s leading furniture retailers, with an extensive network of physical stores…
Australian berries
Berries Australia – Industry first Berry Basket Campaign
Berries Australia represents the biggest fresh produce line in Australian supermarkets, with their latest campaign seeing Aussie growers joining forces to encourage Aussie shoppers to put more berries…
Media Merchants Designer Appliances Graya
Designer Appliances x GRAYA
Designer Appliances is a leading provider of premium home appliances, renowned for its curated selection of innovative and stylish appliances.
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