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Cindy Dang

Lead Content Creator

Evening Beverage of Choice
Fireball Whiskey
If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life
Pad See Ew
In my next life I want to be reincarnated as
A Killer Whale
I’ve been told my doppleganger is
The Rock
If I could choose one superpower
Master of all the Elements (The Avatar, bro)
When I was young, I wanted to be
A Baseball
Cindy has been at MM for

Bona fide geek and creative genius, Cindy isn’t afraid to let her artistic streak run wild in all avenues of her life. With a colourful background ranging from magazine publishing to retail design, and diverse studio work for various organisations – Cindy has experienced it all in every medium. She’s an avid lover of comics, all things sci-fi, wormholes, Bigfoot and video games. And in her free time can be found drawing, gaming, rockclimbing or running wild with all the doggos.

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