We’re spreading thecheer to our farmers.

Helping support Australia’s rural communities and Aussie farmers.

Our Farmers Are Doing It Tough

Across our country, thousands of farmers and their families are struggling with the effects of long-term, widespread drought.

Farmers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South and Western Australian are all doing it tough. In New South Wales alone, more than 97% of the state remains in 1 of 3 drought categories. The current drought period has been on-going since mid-2017.

For years, farmers have been the backbone of our country, they’re fed us with the food we’ve eaten. With the lack of rain and favourable farming conditions, the farmers have not been able to earn a living. It’s our time to give back.

What We’re Doing

This year, at Media Merchants, we will donate money to the struggling farmers via Buy A Bale in-lieu of gifts for our clients.

We live very fortunate lives and the farmers are really struggling. At this important time of the year and in our special way, we will give back to the farmers to help them through these difficult times. Our farmers need our assistance to help keep their cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock alive with bales of hay, they need litres of diesel to keep their trucks running and they need gift cards to purchase groceries and clothing to care for their own families.

How You Can Help

Spare a thought for our farmers and help spread joy with your contribution. Small or large, every bit helps!